• Cuts red-tape to a minimum,
• Drafts formal French letters and completes French forms.


I am a cultural bridge

Married to an American, I lived in the U.S.A. for almost four years and experienced first hand the living conditions of an expatriate adjusting to the lifestyle of the country. I had to make the difficult adjustments to fit the American mold and come to terms with the American dream. Therefore, I understand the American way of life from the inside. I graduated from Saint Cyr de Coëtquidan (the equivalent of West Point) one of the most prestigious military schools in France in 1985. While living in the US, I faced what seemed to be an unsolvable loyalty dilemma. Since, I have been focusing on the similarities and the strengths of each system without ever being judgmental. Systems can be different without one or the other being superior. I feel like a complete cultural bridge between France and the US. This allows me to address the difficulties that American people encounter in France: Having experienced similar ones in the US means I understand the problem.

Recent issues


20 July-August -"I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun"

20 June -"The Winner Takes It All"

20 May -"Money for Nothing"

20 April -"We Shall Overcome"

20 March -"Don’t Fear The Reaper"

20 Febuary -"There Is a War'"


19 December -"The Wall"

19 November -"The Grapes of Wrath"

19 October -"The Outlaw"

19 September -"Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!"

19 July&August -"Father & Son"

19 June -"Hard Headed Woman"

19 May -"Burn"

19 April -"Knockin'on Heaven's Door"

19 March -"Money"

19 February -"One, two, three, what are we fighting for?"


18 December -"California dreamin'"

18 November -"Les feuilles mortes"

18 October -"Motherless Child"

18 September -"We are the Champions"

18 July/August -"The Sound of Music"

18 June -"Dreamer"

18 May -"The Gospel train"

18 April -"The Postman Always Rings Twice"

18 March - "Ball and Chain"

18 February - "Out with the old & in with the new"


17 December - "Back in black"

17 November - "Won't get fooled again"

17 October - "Proud Mary"

17 September - "If I Had a Hammer"

17 July/August - "Talkin’’bout a Revolution"

17 June - "The Times They Are a-Changin'"

17 May - "Then came the last days of May"

17 April - "Déjà Vu"

17 March - Blow Out

17 February - Cherry Bomb


16 December - Bus Stop

16 November - Riders on the storm

16 October - Climbing the ladder of…

16 September - Face to Face

16 July-August - The Split

16 June - No Protection

16 May - The Other Side of Life

16 April - You Can't Always Get What You Want

16 March - Who Is The Fool?

16 February - The Pilgrims


15 Dec./16 Jan. - I Will Survive

15 November - Master Of Disguise

15 October - Find the Cost of Freedom

15 September - Feels Like Home

15 July-August - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

15 June - fluctuat Nec Mergitur

15 June - Through the Looking-Glass

15 April - Mistreated

15 March - Close To You

15 February - Looking For The Invisible Line


14 December - Que Marianne Était Jolie-How beautiful Marianne was

14 November - Won't get fooled again

14 October - Get the message

14 September - I’m a long way from home 

14 July-August - The Amazons 

14 June - Bodyguard 

14 May - The bridge 

14 April - A space in time 

14 March - A horse with no name 

14 February - Pardon my french