• Cuts red-tape to a minimum,
• Drafts formal French letters and completes French forms.

I am a cultural bridge
Married to an American, I lived in the U.S.A. for almost four years and experienced first hand the living conditions of an expatriate adjusting to the lifestyle of the country. I had to make the difficult adjustments to fit the American mold and come to terms with the American dream. Therefore, I understand the American way of life from the inside.

I graduated from Saint Cyr de Coëtquidan (the equivalent of West Point) one of the most prestigious military schools in France in 1985. While living in the US, I faced what seemed to be an unsolvable loyalty dilemma. Since, I have been focusing on the similarities and the strengths of each system without ever being judgmental. Systems can be different without one or the other being superior.

I feel like a complete cultural bridge between France and the US. This allows me to address the difficulties that American people encounter in France: Having experienced similar ones in the US means I understand the problem.

Living in France

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